Thurloe Square Gardens – Dogs

Use of Thurloe Square Gardens by Dog Owners

  1. Use of Thurloe Square Gardens (TSG) is restricted to dogs whose owners live within the Estate Management Scheme or on Thurloe Square, and is limited to 50 dogs at any one time.
  2. Dog owners who wish to use the garden must apply for a license for each dog and register each dog with the Committee according to the appropriate procedure, before using the garden. Non-registered dogs and dogs for whom the license remains unpaid will be excluded. When the cap of 50 dogs is reached, applicants will be put on a waiting list, with current keyholders having priority.
  3. However dog license holders who no longer own an individual licensed dog may transfer an unexpired license to a replacement dog by providing the appropriate details and following all procedures, and may bring the dog into the garden upon receipt of a new tag or collar.
  4. Keyholders who rent out their properties cannot assume that dog licenses will be automatically provided for their tenants by right; each tenant must apply to ensure that they are made aware of their responsibilities as garden users. New tenants seeking dog licenses would need to join any waiting list, where they will be below current keyholders in priority.
  5. Visiting dogs must be licensed by special arrangement, through an application process, and subject to all applicable rules. Visiting licenses are for periods of less than 60 days/year.
  6. Each dog is required to wear the identification provided by TSG, whether a tag or collar, that will easily identify it as a registered dog.
  7. Dog owners must ensure that dogs are in good health and have had the necessary vaccinations and have been registered for the TSG DNA scheme.If your dog has not been swabbed please email C. Bourke on to arrange a convenient time.
  8. Care should be taken when bringing bitches in season into TSG as it can be quite unfair to dogs. Owners are asked to use consideration and good judgment as to the time and frequency of use.
  9. Dog owners who violate the rules may be excluded from TSG.
  10. Dog owners/minders must clean up after their dogs using either the bags provided or biodegradable bags of their own. Spades may be used, but owners/minders must still put waste in bags and deposit it in the appropriate receptacle.
  11. Dog owners/minders must carry a lit torch after dark so that they can locate dog waste and collect it.
  12. Keyholders are limited to licenses for up to three dogs at a time.
  13. Dog owners must pay any fees accrued through the Dog Registration Scheme.

Control of Dogs

  1. Dogs are allowed to run free during daylight hours, but must not cause a nuisance to other garden users or damage plants and plantings in beds.
  2. Dog owners/minders must be with their dogs at all times.
  3. Dogs must be kept on the lead after dark.
  4. Dogs who suffer behavioral problems should be muzzled for the safety of residents and other dogs and may have their license withdrawn.
  5. Particular caution should be used around small children.


Applications for dog licenses should be sent to J. Googe, who will also be able to help with questions or concerns which dog owners and other garden users may have.