Garden Rules

  1. Use of the garden is limited to authorised keyholders and members of their household. Such users may be accompanied by their guests. The garden key must not be made available to anyone who is not an authorised user.
  2. The gates must be kept closed at all times.
  3. The southern half of the garden is reserved for the quiet enjoyment of keyholders. Recreation and games are permitted only in the northern half. Games must be played in the children’s area and not on any of the grass lawns. This also applies to all garden users.
  4. All key holders and their children must keep off the garden beds at all times.
  5. Trees, shrubs and other plants must not be picked or damaged. No tree climbing is allowed.
  6. Full sized bicycles are not allowed in the square and bikes may only be ridden on the paths not on the grass.
  7. The benches are for sitting on only, not for playing games. Repairs to the benches can be expensive, and their replacement even more so. All damage must be reported to the Committee.
  8. Bins are provided for litter associated with personal use of the garden, not for refuse from private gardens or houses. No dumping in the garden. Larger items of rubbish, such as pizza boxes, must always be removed from the garden rather than left at the bins.
  9. Children under twelve years old should be supervised at all times.
  10. No publicly audible radios or other sound systems are allowed.
  11. BBQ’s & Fireworks are strictly prohibited.
  12. These rules may be varied at any time at the discretion of the Committee.
  13. As a practical way of monitoring the application of these rules, and in the interests of all garden users, you are asked to report any serious infringement in writing