Thurloe Square Gardens – Governance

  1. The governance of Thurloe Square Gardens (TSG) derives from TOLA’s EMS: the Rights Users (drawn from houses and flats surrounding the square) elect two block representatives to act on their behalf. In 2008 the block representatives, in agreement with the landlord, formed a company limited by guarantee to administer the gardens; the company has agreed a lease with the landlord. The two directors are the two elected block representatives, who invited Susan Walker (TOLA estate architect) to join the board (the “executive committee” or “EC”).
  2. The directors oversee the strategy, budget, collections, expenditures, administration, insurance and have contracted with John Googe as administrator.
  3. To help provide expertise and resources, four sub-committees (“SC’s”) have been formed, each of which is intended to become the centre of excellence and knowledge in its area. Each sub-committee should draw upon other resources (neighbours etc.).
  4. Policy and rules can be divided roughly into 5 areas:
    a)  Overall – capital expenditure, culture and style, budget, non-payment/defaults, insurance, finance, suppliers and contracts, adherence to lease
    b)  Events – numbers, costs, oversight
    c)  Horticulture – planting and development strategy
    d)  Dogs – rules, oversight thereof
    e)  Children – mostly play area development.
  5. Communications: matters relevant only to each SC are discussed at the SC level first (and the SC is encouraged to involve others), with only agreed summary positions put to the EC for final decision/approval.