Thurloe Square Gardens – Parties & Events

Small Parties: (up to 20 people of any age). Keyholders are allowed to have small parties at no charge. These should be of no more than 20 people of any age.

Larger Parties: Larger private parties (more than 20 people) are not allowed.

Community Parties: Parties (e.g. Guy Fawkes, Halloween) for the garden community will be considered individually. Such parties must be all inclusive, i.e. all key-holders must be welcome to participate.

Thurloe Square Garden Party: This is held annually, usually at the end of June or beginning of July.

All those using the gardens for parties should acknowledge and agree to abide by the following:

Code of Conduct:

All Rubbish must be removed from the garden (the bins in the garden should not be used) No glass allowed
No amplified music
Children must be kept under control all the time (i.e. not in flower beds)

Graffiti on paths must be removed
Respect the other garden users, please don’t be too loud